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The following quotes were from the "The Ustad Alla Rakha Chat" found at http://www.rediff.com/chat/allachat.htm:

Ustad Alla Rakha (Mon Jul 12 1999 21:45 IST)
"I haven't loved any other instrument as I have loved the tabla and the tabla is my life. This is what I have done and this will remain my life. "

Ustad Alla Rakha (Mon Jul 12 1999 23:0 IST)
"Whichever art form you study or enjoy and like, then learn it or follow it with a lot of love. If you love something it will love you back, gaana bajana pyaar se hi hota hai, if love is not in your heart it won't be in your hands or voice. Sab ko mera pyaar aur jo bhi vidya karta hai usko mera aashirwaad, usko pyaar se rakho woh bhi pyaar rakhegi. "

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